DuChilly Hazelnuts

duchilly hazelnuts

If I were a squirrel I’d find my way to the NW, because they have the best hazelnuts out here! It’s a good thing I’m already in the NW 🙂 We recently tried two varieties from Holmquist Orchards @ the Phinney Farmer’s Marketand we liked these unusually longer-than-normal ones. I was saving them to use for an occasion but they were so good that I could not resist the temptation of just chopping a few for my chocolate ice cream tonight.

They are perfectly toasted and almost sweet tasting hazelnuts, like none I’ve tried before. So delicious, that now I really want to go visit one of these farms in Washington or Oregon, one of the world’s major hazelnut producing regions … just like how I always wanted to visit where cashews come from! … for now I’ll be forgetting the Nutella or even better – making it at home!

chopped hazelnuts