Peach Bellinis

Bellinis for me!

Thanks to my 75% pledge to eat a 100 mile diet, we have peach Bellinis with all local fruit & just a bit of prosecco! It started after hearing The Peaches Song live at the Pike Place Market’s 100th birthday party; I could not get peaches out of my head, so thank you also to The Presidents 😉

Bellinis were invented by the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice where Hemingway and other hip folks of that time used to hang out in the 1940s. They were named after the genius local painter Giovanni Bellini.

The original Bellinis were made with white peaches. I’ve made them both with white peaches & with the regular, well peach peaches and it tastes just as good! The best Bellini I’ve had in Seattle (that was not made by me 🙂 was at Amore in Belltown.

I like to mix things up. The Bellini is a flexible drink I have made with other fruits like raspberries for example … sorry Harry, I don’t like rules!

Here is my favorite Peach and Raspberry Bellini:

I used:
2 chopped, medium-sized, sweet and ripe peaches
3 tbspns of sugar (I adjust the sugar quantity based on the sweetness of the peaches)
5-6 raspberries for more color 🙂
1 bottle of a favorite prosecco or a sweet sparkling wine

My method:
I pureed the non-liquids. Once I had some fine pulp, I equally divided it into 3-4 white wine glasses, added prosecco to fill the rest, & topped it with fresh raspberries.