The Orange Tomato

Orange Tomato

I have seen these orange gold tomatoes everywhere around Seattle this month, and I bought some at our Sunday farmers’ market. Let me tell you, when you eat these, you really think of the tomato as a fruit! These are the juiciest, sweetest, and highest in antioxidants of all tomatoes.Even though red tomatoes have more lycopene, a disease-fighting antioxidant, most of the reds’ lycopene cannot be absorbed by our bodies. Per a recent study, orange tomatoes contain a lycopene that is more readily absorbed.

I’ve seen my uncle, who is one of the best chefs in our family, just toss them in basil pesto, olive oil, & serve them up. I took it one step further. I had some basil pesto ready that I had made recently. I sliced my golden tomatoes and added the pesto, extra virgin olive oil, and some shaved parmesan cheese, then tossed it all well.

I next took pre-baked, hollowed American biscuits and stacked up the pesto’ed slices of tomato. I topped them with some more parm & broiled for few minutes.

Holy tomato! it was yummy! I am not a biscuit fan truthfully, I find them too sweet for a bread, but the basil pesto, garlic, cheese, and my fruity tomato took these biscuits to the next level 🙂

These tomatoes are great raw in any salads, wraps, etc. granted that tomatoes are a food I love both raw & cooked. I am going to eat as many of these orange guys as I can find this season!