The End of 100 mile diet

the 100 mile market produce

Throughout August my husband I pledged to eat 75% local foods, all from within 100 miles of our home in Seattle. Above you see some of our recent loot from local farms, yes including Indian bitter gourd or “karela” as we call it, grown by Sidhu Farms. I’ve written posts all this month about local foods. It’s not only more sustainable environmentally but in Seattle, it’s less expensive to shop in farmers’ markets, too!

Is this the finish line of the 100 mile diet? It was great eating *mostly* local but I also love what other parts of the world have to offer, and we can’t grow it all here in Seattle — coffee, for example. I will support my local farmers and producers for most of my needs but I won’t stop eating mangoes either … you get the point 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!