Eating a 100 mile diet

fresh loot from ballard farmers' market

My husband & I opted in to our local 100 Mile Diet from Sustainable Ballard. For the month of August, 2007 we have pledged that 75% of our diet will be locally produced foods. We know we can’t do 100% because of things like tea, coffee, rice, and spices, but so far we are doing well with 75%.
I didn’t think we would have any problem with this for two reasons: first, we’re vegetarians and our diet is already primarily dependent on foods which are much better when they’re local and fresh. Second, since we’ve been married we’ve made a good effort to support local farmers; the Ithaca Farmers’ Market started it all. We started out together in Ithaca where we had that home grown awareness all around us, and it has gotten even easier since moving to Seattle. We love this city with so many neighborhood farmers’ markets, some of them running year-round.
To support this pledge, everything I blog in the rest of this month will be locally focused! These Lobster Mushrooms that my husband photographed are just one great example of some amazing ingredients available when you’re eating local. You just have to look right under your nose. I can’t wait till I can buy them next time at the Ballard Sunday Farmers’ Market!