Spoon Madeleines

applemint's spoon madeleines

I could not resist how cute and simple these spoon Madeleines from Applemint looked, I had to make them! They were so easy to make, a foolproof dessert!

My friend Applemint is such a smart cookie that she eliminated the need for a fancy Madeleine pan. For these Madeleines all you need is spoons. Her photos are brilliant and I can’t beat the quality of her work … she does it like a pastry chef. This is my slight variation, but I give her all the credit for inventing something so beautiful and simple πŸ™‚

I recommend this recipe to all because it is so flexible. I first made some in tablespoons, adding instant espresso & hazelnuts. Then I made more in teaspoons, with almonds and dipped in 75% cacao from Ivory Coast (CΓ΄te d’Ivoire).The chocolate is produced just down the road from me in the Theo Chocolate Factory, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Theo is America’s first fair-trade and organic chocolate factory, and they buy beans directly from the source.We also enjoyed the perfect pairing for the Madeleines. Because this dessert is so beautiful to serve in spoons, it is perfect for tastings! We plan to do a variety of chocolate Madeleines paired with coffee/espresso tastings sometime in the future … how kool would that be in a town full of coffee lovers!

These Madeleines are so tiny that you can never over-eat them. They are soft, chocolatey, and they just melt in your mouth!

Here is Applemint’s original post and recipe – enjoy!