Snowy French Toast

A Snowy Stuffed Toast

When you start your work day soaked, and it’s not so nice and bright outside, staying upbeat isn’t easy. Last weekend we beat the Seattle Winter blahs by spending a whole day at Pike Place Market, meeting vendors and finding the most amazing foods!

The next morning, I cooked up some snowy, stuffed strawberry toast for brunch 🙂 There is so much satisfaction in being home in your pajamas when the world outside is gray. Along with something fresh, fun, and colorful on the table to eat, we had steaming coffee and a warm fire.

A Snowy Stuffed Toast, Coffee & Satsuma

I don’t like our winter weather, but I love that we enjoy fresh produce all year round. Recent finds include amazing Strawberries, Fennel, Satsumas, and so much more!

This festive french toast is just day-old bread filled with perfectly red strawberries, bananas, green pistachio nuts (yes! I am going pistachio crazy! but I couldn’t resist the crunch and the green :), amazing Saigon cinnamon, and nutmeg — all topped with powdered sugar snow. I am looking forward to cooking up some more holiday treats in the coming week — a Snowy Stuffed Toast was just to get me into the holiday spirit!!