Got Ginger

Ginger Chai ingredients

Ginger has numerous health benefits and medicinal values besides spicing up your food. I am giving away the ‘secret’ 😉 to my delicious daily need in my next post — Ginger Chai!

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Ginger is native to India and China and is used widely in Asian cuisines. It has a strong, refreshing flavor and countless medicinal properties, too. It is used as much for digestive and appetizing purposes as for traditional flavor.

The naturopathic, Indian medicine of Ayurveda teaches that just a little bit of ginger opens up the appetite and helps digest foods. Some Indians even eat a thin slice of ginger with a bit of salt before their meals. Ginger helps fight the common cold by reducing mucus. When I have a cold or sore throat, I drink my ginger chai and it soothes me. Ginger is also an anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s a great ingredient to use in small amounts in everyday foods. In India, we use ginger often in common foods like daals, vegetables, and chai. Here is my recipe for Ginger Chai!

Sauté some ginger with garlic when you cook your vegetables — you’ll love what a flavor punch this classic combination packs. Dry and candied ginger are more commonly seen and used in the western world, but fresh ginger is much more nutritious and potent.

When buying fresh ginger root, look for skin that is not dry or shriveled. The skin should be nice and smooth, with few bruises or cuts.

Always peel ginger before using. Ginger has a big, bright flavor, and is hence almost always used in grated, minced, or thinly sliced forms. A little will go a long way, so use it in moderation.

For even more information about ginger, here is its Wikipedia article.