Mango Power Lassi

have a mango power lassi

For everyone who has been wondering — why haven’t there been more Mango Power posts? — here’s an easy one, my Mango Power Lassi! To be honest, I have been incredibly disappointed this summer because I have had a hard time finding good mangoes.

There have been plenty of OK mangoes, but they are either bumped and bruised, way too expensive for my pocket, or just not the type I like to eat. One thing most people might not know if they have not lived in a mango producing region: you cannot have machines processing your mangoes. Everything must be plucked/picked/gathered/ packed by hand. Like most berries, mangoes are a delicate fruit and they bruise easily.

Unlike berries though, mangoes continue to ripen after being picked. So if a mango was bumped too much when it was picked or packaged, you might not see the bruises until it ripens. What you get is a mango which is totally destroyed on the inside, while the skin and outside still look good. Living so far away from mango producing regions, I have run into this problem quite a bit and have been heartbroken for throwing away multiple expensive, ruined mangoes 🙁

When I do find good mangoes, I either eat them straight (not as interesting to blog 😉 or I turn them into something simple & quick, like this lassi. Last time I found a good mango I did just that!

Ginger with ripe mango is an age old Indian combination that my family always used for pretty much for all the reasons you’re supposed to eat ginger. Someone said ginger helps you digest mango better?! I don’t think I ever had a problem digesting a mango 😉

have a mango power lassi!

I used:
1 cup plain fresh yogurt
1/4 cup milk or water (approx.)
1 mango, peeled and cubed
couple of pinches of ginger powder (substitutes: vanilla or cardamom)
1-2 teaspoons sugar (optional: if your mango is not sweet enough. I don’t make lassi until I find a sweet mango!)

My method:
1. Blend the yogurt and the mango in a blender.
2. Add milk or water to thin out the mixture as much as you like, then add ginger powder and blend. The liquid amount is an approximation and will change based on the thickness of your yogurt and the juicyness of your mango. (Skip the ginger if it is too spicy for kids, add vanilla or cardamom!)
3. Taste, then add a teaspoon of sugar if it is not sweet enough. My mango was pretty sweet, so I enjoyed it just like it was.
4. Pour it in a glass of your choice and enjoy right away!