Indian Grilled Corn

Grilled Indian Corn

Grilled Indian Corn

This is how I grew up enjoying corn every summer in India. It is simple and spicy, and the grilling brings out the corn’s best flavor. You can find the same style of grilled corn for sale on street corners in India during the peak of its season. This is what I call good street food 🙂 with amazing flavor and a healthy side to it!

Here at is my quick method of grilling corn, Indian style. I share my method for grilling corn on an electric stove, if you don’t have a traditional or outdoor grill. Oh! what wouldn’t I do to have a gas stove! while I do know that living in Seattle, I am using the most efficient and renewable sources of energy 🙂 Hope you get to enjoy the last bit of summer corn this season. Give this Indian Grilled Corn a try, you’ll be surprised how simple and tasty it is.

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Do you eat a lot of frozen and canned corn? Here is a creative and tasty way to enjoy fresh corn while it is in season. It makes a great snack as it is easy and filling. I don’t have to tell you how delicious and nutritious sweet summer corn can be. Just make sure you buy the right stuff, local and organic!

If you have an outdoor, coal grill, you will get the best flavor and grilling results out there. If you are stuck with an electric stove, here’s a way to get most of the same grilled flavor, color, and texture.

Peel the fresh corn, wrap it in a paper towel, and microwave it for one minute. This semi-cooks the corn to get it ready for a quick exterior cooking on an electric stove.

Place a metal cooling rack on top of a burner on an electric stove top, and turn the burner’s heat on medium high. When the rack is hot, place your corn right on the rack, turning it every minute or so, as each side gets well grilled.

Mix salt and red chili powder in a small dish. Cut a fresh lemon wedge, dip the wedge in the salt and chili mixture, then rub the spiced lemon wedge all over the corn.

Serve it right away! It will make your tongue and lips tingle with flavor!