Pop & Fizz – MPG Turns 1

mango power pops

Mango Power Girl turns one today with a pop and a fizz 🙂 I have met some wonderful people thanks to MPG, and am really thankful for all of you. Your feedback has inspired me to get better and better, so please keep enjoying and thank you! It has been a great first year and I look forward to even better ahead.

a mango rum fizz topped with currants

It is hot in Seattle, just perfect for another ice pop. Yes, it finally feels like August! This time my ice pops are made of nice, ripe mango, strawberries, and mint julep from our edible garden! When you take a bite out of these ice pops, that wonderful tingly mint cools you off even more.

mango power pops

I had some liquid for the pops left over, so while they were freezing I added alcohol and seltzer for a delicious fizzy drink!

mango power pops

I used:
a sweet, ripe mango
a handful of fresh strawberries
a few mint julep leaves
a squeeze of lime
some simple syrup, a scoop of sorbet, or a spoon of sugar — whatever you have handy to sweeten

My method:
1. Add the ingredients above in a blender, purée, taste, pour into molds. Freeze for a few hours and enjoy.
2. Pour any remaining mixture in your favorite glass, add some alcohol, seltzer, and cheers!

sipping mango fizz