Bubble & Squeak Brunch

bubble & squeak brunch
Could I do any more breakfast and brunch posts? The answer is always yes! I love and savor my weekends and every minute I get to cook when I am relaxed and at home!

Ever since we watched an episode of Jamie at Home with Jamie Oliver cooking all these root vegetables into a delicious mash, Brian has been squeaking about it! Jamie called the dish Bubble and Squeak which is traditional in England. My guess on its name — you boil or bubble it first, then you let it brown in the pan till it squeaks?! I just about died when I read on his site, in Jamie Oliver Forums, that someone was looking for “the squiggle and pop recipe” and I think they were looking for this.

Call it what you like, but Bubble and Squeak is just a big root vegetable mash, usually made with left over vegetables. Everyone may be pretty tired of eating winter roots by now, but try this comforting and flexible way to eat them.

If you can find a variety of root vegetables, like we do at our neighborhood farmers’ market from Nash’s Organic Produce, then you want to make Bubble and Squeak. Yes, I can never write enough about Nash’s — remember my Rally for the Roots Tart?! If you’re in the Seattle area and don’t already know them, they carry incredible root vegetables. You can always find them at Ballard’s Sunday Farmers’ Market. Lately they’ve had 5 lb bags of mixed root vegetables in addition to all the same available loose. The bulk bags are economical and perfect to turn into something like this.

If you have any Bubble and Squeak left over, you can season and spice it, then turn it into yummy root patties for sandwiches, like I did the next day 🙂

roots ready to cook
bubble & squeak brunch

My 5 lb bag contained: carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, rutabagas, and sunchokes … if I identified them all correctly.

Jamie kept his B&S pretty plain, as he was serving it with meat and onion gravy. Mine was a side dish for a brunch of delicious french toast made with Tall Grass Bakery bread.

I needed more flavor in mine, and I had picked up just the right thing to help me, also from the Ballard Farmers’ Market with all this lovely produce — Secret Stash Sea Salts in a Nicoise Olive flavor! It was perfect on my Bubble and Squeak. Secret Stash Sea Salts is another great vendor at our market who you need to check out. They have some good-funky and super tasty salt combinations. I’ve loved their Pineapple Cumin, too which I bought some time ago, using it over lots of different things. You can also find Secret Stash Sea Salts at Venue in Ballard. Next, I need to come up with a drink using their salts. There is no end to the use of these delicious salts!

There is another component of this post I could not wait to publish — below are some of my first film shots on this site. Yes, I recently started shooting film, something I was yearning to do for years. I’ve been experimenting and truly loving it. This is my beloved Ballard Farmers’ Market, with Kodak Portra 800 film in my Asahi Pentax K1000. I am so happy with these and only wish I had enough time in the day to go around shooting more. I know I will get out there more when the sun shines, as the days are getting longer!

to market

First tulips of the season from Alm Hill Farms.

it was a happy sunday!

Some shortbread, coffee, and paper at Cugini Cafe.

Below is the stall of one of my favorite vendors — Nash’s Organic Produce. The vendor here, whose name I do not know, was kind enough to let me take her photo. She was just thrilled to find out what I was going to do with my 5 lb bag of mixed roots 🙂


Nash’s mixed roots I brought home.

i like mixed roots

Another one of my favorite vendors, below — Tall Grass Bakery, whose bread I turned into the delicious french toasts you see above! The young vendor in training below, eating bread, was just priceless.

everyone loves bread

i ♥ market

If you are in the Seattle area or just visiting, stop by our wonderful, year-round farmers’ market in Ballard. It has great produce, ready food, and original handcrafted items — every Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm — rain, snow, or shine!