Blackbird Fly Summer

blue for blackbird, fly
toy TLR love

(above 2 images are digital 🙂

I received this little plastic TLR camera, Black Bird Fly (aka the BBF) that shoots 35mm film on my 30th birthday. I was more than thrilled to look at things from a different lens. It made for more whimsical and fun photos through the summer.

I love the colors, the happiness and the light-heartedness it has captured, all in a really simple click. BBF is a 35mm Japanese TLR that you can get in fun colors and play with multiple exposures, which has been really fun and I’ve loved to shoot simply and very manually just by knowing the distance from the subject. You can also have more fun with double, triple, multiple exposures, which you can never achieve with the same emotion & charm using digital gear. There is great joy in finding beauty in simple instruments, in unpredictability, and freedom in losing little bit of control especially in an age where we micro-control everything!

These were all shot during the first summer I had this camera and on various 35mm films.If you like to see the details on each shot you can find it on my flickr set.

grape vine
bricks & petals
sidewalk color
the blue door
elephant car wash double exposure
evening caffeine
foggy feeling?
walking on flowers double exposure


You can find more of my BBF shots here on my Flickr.