Featured on Flickr Blog

mohini patel glanz featured on flickr blog

mohini patel glanz featured on flickr blog

Can you blog about being blogged? I think you can when you’re blogged by your favorite website in the whole damn world. Flickr has been the best way to learn, observe, and share amazing photography, from pros and amateurs alike. I’ve been hooked since the day I joined and it has yet to fade. I admit I’m a Flickr addict and I am thrilled to be on the Flickr Blog, and flattered to receive such lovely comments, faves, and contacts!

So here’s the shot they blogged … and it has a lot of sentimental value because …

…the Canonet belonged to my in-laws, and it took photos of Brian when he was little. Back in the day, Canonet was the thing to have, and my in-laws saved up to buy this camera, which took pictures of their family for years to come. This shot also has a beautiful hand-crocheted strap made by my mother, making this it even more special to me.

Here are some test shots from my first roll of film in Canonet QL17