Faces of Folklife

the guys with guitar
cuddle up for the revolution ~ aeon now!

Northwest Folklife is one of my favorite festivals and one of the oldest in Seattle. It spans the Memorial Day weekend so it’s usually rainy. That weekend also marks the time we arrived in Seattle, 4 years ago! We were unpacking and decided to take a break in the rain, so we went to this festival together for the first time. Ever since, we’ve been hooked!

What I find most charming at the festival are the small bands, artists, and street performers, literally thousands of them! who aren’t on the official schedule. They are the most fun to photograph. Here are some who made my day in the rain …

the monorail
the bellboys
dino tarot reader
just chillin
accordian aviator of aeon now!
flying spaghetti monster fountain
the gloria darlings
danny oleson - speaker speaker
the no name sketcher
dancing with the needle
speaker speaker at emp sky church
the girl under the monorail
raw corn emp
just smokin
the blair st. mugwumps
singing on steps
space needle & gloria darling