The Vanishing Hike

We don’t have the luxury to take a real vacation right now, so for our wedding anniversary we decided to explore a bit of the local Pacific Northwest wilderness. It’s one of the best things you can do in this region, and it is even more rewarding because everything is so photogenic. We had decided we were going to get up & get out rain or shine…or pour! Of course it poured, but it rained less on the Twin Falls hiking trail.

We picked North Bend because there are beautiful trails in the Mount Si area and also because it’s a charming little town. We’ve been wanting to see it since we watched The Vanishing, a creepy movie filmed out there, that we both like 🙂 not to mention Twin Peaks 😉 Yes, what a great way to celebrate. I got my full dose of the fog, the rain & the moss, all at once … more than I’ve seen in my lifetime!

driving into fog & rain
the famous twin peaks, twede's cafe
si side
northwest greens
my not-so-big foot
trees to the sky
rain on ferns
berries in the wild
fishing time
pnw fog
northern pacific
mount si
more rain