Riddhi’s Wedding

riddhi #1

Just 10 days ago, my dearest childhood friend got hitched! We’ve been friends since 3rd grade, through ups and downs, through moves across oceans and cross country. She has always been there for me, and it was such a joy to be at her wedding, to see her start a new chapter in life. She was also the most cheerful & coolest bride I’ve seen and she had a beautiful Indian ceremony in New Jersey. These are some of the moments I captured.
Congratulations Riddhi & Chirag!

riddhi's mehendi
riddhi #2
riddhi #4
the bridal sari
a happy bride before the wedding
riddhi #5
through the wedding arch
chirag #1
wedding stage
riddhi #3
entering the wedding arch
riddhi #7
riddhi & chirag getting married
riddhi & chirag #1
chirag #2
ankita stealing shoes
childhood friends
moving forward & looking back
riddhi #8