MacQueen Orchards Ohio

1_macqueen orchards

When we visited family back east and in the midwest, one of our favorite side trips was to MacQueen’s Orchards in Ohio. Since we were traveling, it was more for sentimental reasons than for the apples. Brian’s family would go for donuts and fritters, apple butter, apple cider, and of course apples at MacQueen’s when he was little. I had heard stories about the Ohio apple butter and finally got a taste of it.

We visited with a pair of his grandparents and I could tell it brought back some great memories for Brian. We didn’t have much time, but I managed to capture what you see here and brought back a jar of absolutely amazing apple butter. The Honey Apple Butter is made with honey instead of sugar. We have used it most often on simple wholewheat toast, but it was also great with some sweet potato pancakes (evidence below!)

The other old family favorite in Ohio – Grand Rapids!

More pictures from Ohio visits here.

2_macqueen orchards

fall at macqueen orchards

2_macqueen orchards

5_macqueen orchards

19_macqueen orchards

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macqueen orchards

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real apples on sticks

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macqueen orchards

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macqueen orchards

macqueen orchards

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honey apple butter from macqueen orchards

This last shot was taken by Brian, the evidence of the sweet potato pancakes I made just to enjoy this honey apple butter. yum!

27_mpg sweet potato pancakes by brian