Snow Day on NW 65th St.

girl with the sled control

Some rare scenes of kids and adults having fun in the snow in our neighborhood yesterday. It was sunny, the temps were in the 20s, but that did not stop these guys from having a blast sledding, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, you name it!

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still pulling
red of cafe bambino & dog walker
snow closure on nw 65th st.
all bundled up sledder
walking up with sleds
skiing & snowboarding
running back up blue
happy sledding people
people sled down
more sledding people
sled man & sleds all aboard
kids sledding downhill
red head sledder
tubing away
the street sled team
the sledding girls
the sledding girls take a turn
sledding girls go back up
the winning sledding pose
resting sledder
more of the bambini
fall leaves & icicles
bambini with flare
bg in snow
fallen oak leaves in snow
pulling an old sled
do not enter - snow closure