Missing New York

time & tide wait for no one, neither does nyc
chai & the colossus of new york
winter flowers & lady liberty mug

I have been sick and I have been homesick. I’ve been down with a nasty cold and flu in this depressing Seattle weather for a whole week, and when I get homesick, it means I miss NYC! I haven’t been to New York City since the Fall of 2007, a LONG time for me, someone who thinks that is my home and thought I would never leave … sigh! [blame it on the husband!]

So I’ve been making myself feel better by watching every episode of Ben Bailey driving his Cash Cab on the streets of New York. Ironically I’m a subway girl, I only took a cab if I had to get home late night alone, but I feel like next time I’m in NYC, I’m going to hail a cab just to see if I get Ben Bailey 🙂

I’ve also been reading this book my brother-in-law gave us for xmas, called The Colossus of New York, it’s just beautiful. If you’ve ever lived there, you’ll relate to it right away. Sometimes it brings me to tears because I want to experience all of that again, so badly! And, then the other day I came across this awesome timelapse of the city shot with a 5D (wanted!) and that just made me want to book a flight & go back!

Anyway, I thought I should put some of my old shots of the city together and share them with you. I could not find a whole lot as they are scattered all over the place, some lost on old hard drives, but below are retouched shots from 2004 and 2007, shot with a couple different point and shoot cameras.

On a last note, I will say that I feel grateful to have lived in some pretty amazingly progressive places in the world. I feel somewhat like a cultural nomad when I have to describe myself, but at the same time if I had to pick a place where I belong, it would have to be New York, a place I feel at home and know like the back of my hand. Once a New Yorker…

[click on the images to view in slideshow]

gw bridge
new york city!
welcome to new york
center of embrace

enjoying the public fountain in the rain :)chrysler building

new twin towers & monster mall
CitySights NY
the empire sky
a sidewalk protest
the woolworth building

the world goes aroundthe maine memorial

new york city hall
jacob wrey mould fountain at new york city hall
the beautiful façade
at work in greenwich village
just another top
umbrellas at luna park
enjoying happy hour with my honey
life in union square
cross river traffic
she is liberty
her greatest gift is gold
ellis island view