Sarod in Seattle

james whetzel - 1

The first time I saw him, it was the 100th birthday of Pike Place Market. We were scouting our seats on the grass to watch some of the Seattle music legends. I went to get us some food while Brian saved the seats, when I was derailed by the sound of a sarod? in Seattle?

I was mesmerized watching this guy stand and play sarod, so easily strapped to his chest (something I hadn’t seen before & it’s pretty hard to do). We looked him up afterwards and found his name was James Whetzel. Brian & I have been his fans ever since.

James Whetzel is classically trained in sarod, tabla, and many other worldly instruments and types of music. We recently saw him play at a local tea house, Remedy Teas (which has great vegetarian/vegan food by the way!) and it was just lovely, I felt like I was transported back to India! James also debuted a couple tracks from an upcoming album by Das Dhoom.

Here are few casual photos I snapped of him at this show. If you like Indian or Indian/African fusion music, please check him out at

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remedy teas