Zoka Cafe Takesi Bolivia

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When you live in Seattle you get to taste and drink some of the best coffee in the world. These photos are from our home-tasting of the highest grown coffee in the world, Bolivia Takesi. Thanks to my brother-in-law Tom, who scouted out a local cafe to get his hands on this limited stock. It was roasted locally, right in our neighborhood by Zoka Coffee Roasters and you can read a bit more about their adventure on Zoka’s blog.

Brian prepared this coffee two ways — french pressed and regular dripped. I am not very good when it comes to tasting notes in the coffee, but I tasted a raisin like flavor and I liked the press better than the drip. Brian, his brother & dad tasted a bready flavor with a peppery finish, and noted a significant difference in body between the drip and press. They thought the pressed version had an earthier taste and better featured the coffee’s spice, while the drip process brought out berry and fruit flavors. Brian said “it was a pastry in a cup” and Tom liked the coffee alongside some pancakes with cinnamon and apples that I had leftover!

Below you can see Tom’s hand ready to tweet this! and here’s another nice review I found through Zoka’s tweets.

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