U2 360 in Seattle

the claw


U2 came to town with opening act, Lenny Kravitz on a gorgeous 80F Seattle Saturday! These are shot with my iPhone & some with an old point & shoot camera…mostly because after 1.5yrs of wait and camping out for hours, I just wanted to enjoy the show & not worry about gear, that’s how much I love this band 🙂 It was totally worth it!

We were inside the inner circle on the Edge’s side…I’ve been wanting to be on the Edge’s side for years! It was so much fun being near the walkway & also when the bridge went over you, something I missed out at the Vancouver show. Here’s Adam really close at the end of Discothèque…feel the purple bass! This was one of the best ones U2 shows (the best one still being NYC 10/24/2001, the first show after 9/11) with one of the best opening acts, and also one of the best soundchecks I’ve heard 🙂 Lenny Kravitz rocked the house playing everything I knew him from first time I saw him on MTV India.

U2 played some of the old, some of the new, mixed in with buncha other things as usual, it was a nice set and boy they were stronger than last time. I was thrilled to hear The Fly during the soundcheck while we waited in the GA line (which we later found, was being rehearsed for Glastonbury & not 360!) It seemed like they were playing for a small crowd inside too, perhaps Pearl Jam, Heart & R.E.M. or maybe it was just the GA peeps in front of us?!

Seattle could’ve not asked for a better day weather wise, we haven’t seen blue skies & 80F since September, so we can’t help but overdo the cliche of Beautiful Day! Here’s Mark Kelly below saying Hello! to Seattle and at the end of this video Bono sings the line from Space Oddity that Mark Kelly said, “Tell my wife I love her very much….she knows! I had been tweeting about this concert for days and since the network died at Qwest right before U2 came out, I wasn’t able to live tweet many photos from there.


There are more iPhone shots from the concert on my flickr set. You can find more material people are putting up at #U2360SEA.

There is no other feeling that can describe the feeling of being at a U2 concert, you have to experience it yourself if you can, but this video is a taste …  and some of my faves below.

U2360 SEA qwest amnesty & free burma lenny kravitz singing in the seattle sunset lenny kravitz upclose i think lenny is smiling at me :) lenny kravitz in the flare the claw stats on the claw qwest field shirt This guy above had been to every single Croke Park show & had a shirt to prove it! He said there’s nothing like seeing these boys in Dublin! inside the claw riding the claw the claw dallas sound checks edge's guitar Dallas actually comes around and gives the Edge’s blue guitar pick to a fan, who I saw had a look of wonder one her face as she smoked. Maybe I should’ve yelled at him! dallas gives edge's blue guitar pick to a fan dallas doing sound check larry & adam walk out the edge & bono walk out bono right above us :) the edge out of focus the edge & bono the edge U2 360 show bono on 360 screen bono hanging around us the edge runs by the negative of adam :) U2 & qwest field U2 sings to seattle 360 screen inside the claw the claw in the end