Linden Orchard P-Patch

linden p-patch gate
about linden p-patch

Seattle is known for it’s P-Patches aka P-Patch Community Gardens. Last summer we decided to pay a visit to one called Linden Orchard because we wanted to learn  more about it. They were growing everything from apples, tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables to kiwi and hops!

Seattle has more than 70 P-patches and many of them have designated giving sections, from which the gardeners give away 7-10 tons of produce to local food banks every year … impressive!

During our visit we met a Linden Orchard gardener who told us how the garden works and gave us a few tomatoes from her own patch. There are areas open to the public for looking, picking and eating! like their apple orchard. Here’s some inspirational urban farming.

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linden p-patch
sunflower & hops
garden bugs
community gardner & tomatoes
summer squash
tomatoes & apples
apple trees
lavender & thistle
purple kohlrabi
cucumbers & sunflowers
p-patch cosmos