Rainier Insta Noir

From a recent day trip to Mt. Rainier, with friends on a nice warm day. I want to share what to me captures the mystery of what we saw, what draws you into these mountains. There are times when it’s just quicker to get a phone shot than to turn your camera on.

These shots below were taken with an iPhone and simply run thru a b&w Instagram Gotham filter. It made me realize how beautiful the light and the textures on the mountain and the forest were that day. It was 80 F but with an unusual amount of snow around Paradise Lodge and its surrounding trails … a beautiful, rare sight and experience!

[click on the images to view them in a slideshow]

sunshine on rainier
mt. rainier ranger lady
rainier peeking
4 climbers
a tree & valley
a different side
breakfast sun at paradise lodge
divya at paradise lodge
down the mountain
burnt trees
just one cloud on the mountain
ready to climb
sun & clouds
picture perfect mt. rainier
rainier from longmire at dusk
married on rainier
waterfall on rainier
rainier rocks
rainier driver bg
to the mountain