Alpine Lakes Wilderness

sunshine in the forest

We recently took a much procrastinated hike in the Alpine Lakes region of Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forests. We hiked up to Talapus and Olallie lakes, which are only 2 of the 700 jewel-like mountain lakes of that area. It was a beautiful summer day, very calming and serene except for the pesky little mosquitoes that I haven’t missed since India 🙂 Quite a few people were camping with kids out there, swimming in the lakes, and the hike we took was every bit worth the effort.

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brian on lake talapus
lake talapus
floating logs on lake talapus
reflected in lake talapus
lady on lake talapus
campfires prohibited on talapus & olallie lakes
logs in the forest
lake olallie
lake olallie
resting at lake olallie
rocks in lake olallie
alpine lakes trail
on alpine lakes trail
a fern in the forest
kids on alpine lakes trail
on alpine lakes trail
forest greens
brian in lake talapus shadows
boots & cones
sunshine in the forest