Under the Banyan Trees

light through the banyan tree

I grew up in the city of Banyans — Vadodara, Gujarat, India — so when we got to Honolulu and saw these banyan trees everywhere, it made want to cry! They made me feel right at home along with 15 other things in Hawaii that felt homey — like the air, water, fruits, flowers, etc. It turns out the British brought Banyans & other tropical plants from India. I was pleased that a lot of the Banyans are really well protected out there and seem to be thriving.

We enjoyed some nice quiet moments under the Banyans on Oʻahu. I can’t help but feel like a child standing under one, and picture myself as a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things … it’s a great feeling!

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banyan tree on oahu
indian banyan trees in hawaii
a branch of a banyan tree on oahu
roots & branches of banyan on oahu
relaxing under the waikiki banyan trees
hanging roots of waikiki banyan trees
red & green of waikiki banyan trees
sweeping leaves of the waikiki banyan trees
afternoon under waikiki banyan trees
waikiki banyan tree sweeper
engravings on wakiki banyan trees
mahatma gandhi statue wakiki banyan trees honolulu
gecko on waikiki banyan trees honolulu
giant banyan tree in wakiki honolulu oahu hawaii
gandhiji walking in honolulu

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