Fresh Turmeric Pickle


Fresh turmeric is very popular in India and South Asia. It grows like a ginger root and is extremely nutritious. However, it’s bit hard to eat raw, so people make pickles, relishes, etc. There are a few different varieties and we recently found this orange kind which I haven’t seen in ages. We call it Amba Haldal (meaning Mango Turmeric in Gujarati for it’s mango like color!)

One way we eat it in my family is by simply marinating it in lime juice and salt like you see here. Clean, peel, slice, add some salt to taste & lime juice enough to coat all the slices, jar and refrigerate. If you let it sit for 2-3 days, it gets better from the juices. It is best eaten within a week as a relish. Oh! & it really stains so watch for anything white!