Strolling in Savannah

A quick stroll through streets of downtown Savannah in the morning, looking at beautiful historic and some famous homes and buildings. It’s quite a contrast compared to Charleston, SC, where there is plenty of funding to preserve these historic building, whereas in Savannah we saw a surprising number of foreclosures signs on some really beautiful houses! We did make a quick run through some of the SCAD campus, whereas I *almost* went to school, but I hadn’t visited the campus before and I was pleasantly surprised by it’s beautiful setting in historic Savannah. Our time was brief, but I would definitely love to return to see and experience more of Savannah, Georgia!

You can see a some different shots of Savannah, GA on my Flickr!

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details of historic savannahhistoric homes in downtown savannah
cathedral of st john in savannah old homes in savannah for sale
SCAD tiny creepers
lafayette square fountain brian strolling in savannah
historic house on sale in savannah bricks & iron in savannah, georgia
historic home & yard in savannah the sunflower gate in savannah