Waikiki Natatorium

waikiki natatorium - 1

The Waikiki Natatorium is a beautiful Beaux Arts structure and an endangered historic landmark site in the United States. After seeing it in many old pictures and films, I wish I could see it from inside but it has never been open as long as I’ve been alive. There’s a pretty long political controversy of what’s holding up its restoration or its tearing down, and as an artist and lover of all things old, I only hope it is restored in my lifetime!

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waikiki natatorium - 2
waikiki natatorium - 3
waikiki natatorium - 4
waikiki natatorium - 5
waikiki war memorial park - 1
waikiki war memorial roll of honor
waikiki war memorial park
waikiki war memorial park - 3
waikiki war memorial park - 2

I am posting lots more from Oahu on my Flickr (slideshow below) …