Guemes Island

Guemes Island - 10

As promised in my last post, here are some pictures from our half day around Guemes Island after we hiked the Guemes Mountain. Guemes Island is a charming and friendly little San Juan Island, that is totally worth a day trip from Seattle, perhaps even a weekend! You have to take a small ferry (smallest ferry I’ve seen!) from Anacortes to get there and it’s a very short ride.

Once you get to Guemes, you can’t miss Anderson’s Store and cafe. I was very impressed that they carry good, whole foods and of course as much local as possible. We had a nice little drink and snack there as we stared at the water and watched the local kids fly kites, after our hike.

We also drove up to the other end of the island, to Young’s Park, right around sunset and enjoyed a beautiful view of Mt. Baker over the water. There were a few other places I wanted to walk around the island, but that’ll be for another time.

Guemes Island is also home to some really cool artists. One whose work I like in particular is a print maker named Jessica Lynch. Check out her awesome prints and shirts, Slow Loris. I managed to get a shot below of her business partner, Arlo, sporting one of their designs , which I did not know while shooting. Thanks for being a good sport, Arlo 😉 you were standing in a perfect spot in too perfect light to not photograph!

My favorite part of the island: everywhere we went, people waved and said hello!

Some cool facts about the island:

  • Guemes was also called Dog Island for the extinct woolly Salish Dogs that used to live in the wild there.
  • There is a magnetic disturbance  off the southeastern tip of the island that causes 14° discrepancy on compasses

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