In the Sayre Gyre

thomas sayre gyre

Last winter when we were in Raleigh, North Carolina for Brian’s ScienceOnline conference, we made a quick trip to the Museum Park at North Carolina Museum of Art.

We wanted to see the entire Museum Park but it seems like we got stuck in Thomas Sayre’s Gyre, it started raining, and we ran out of all the time … anyway, it was the piece I was dying to see for years, so here are the many ways I shot those famous rings and couple of other pieces on the way.

[click on the images to view them larger]

vollis simpson wind machine
ledelle moe collapse - 1
ledelle moe collapse - 2
brian in sayre gyre - 1
brian in sayre gyre - 2
brian in sayre gyre - 3
sayre gyre - 1
sayre gyre - 2
sayre gyre - 3
sayre gyre - 0
sayre gyre jogger

More photos from Raleigh on my Flickr below & more from my solo walking tour of Raleigh’s historic district of Oakwood including the old Oakwood cemetery!