Grove of the Patriarchs

moss on old growth

I thought of posting these in anticipation of more summer hiking and because there has been a lot of chatter about Mt. Rainier lately, for example a record breaking speed ascent by a woman! I have been going through my archives of Mt. Rainier pictures. I have many unpublished pictures from Mt. Rainier National park, not even including the sets I lost on a laptop that fried. So I figured I better publish more, because what good is a picture if you don’t share?!

These are from a visit last year to a part of Rainier I really love – the old growth forests! Visiting the Grove of the Patriarchs might be the easiest hike at Mt. Rainier, and the most enchanting.  Perhaps it’s because the majestic trees are on a tiny little island, in the middle of a river, in a giant forest, on a mountain! With trees over 1,000 years old, this grove has some of the biggest and oldest tress on Earth. It’s a great hike to do with kids.

We were there on a beautiful sunny day, so I enjoyed capturing the light that came through the forest. I did not have a super wide angle, but did my best to show the grandness and scale of these trees, and still do justice to the forest . Some more of Rainier my through iPhone.

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standing in the old grove
trail to the grove
brian under the tree
big old trees
old tree trunk
little kids in a big forest
pine florets
hiking boots
going in the river
draw bridge
brian on draw bridge
bg in the tree
leaves in the forest
family resting under the trees
sunlit leaves
big trees & bg