Caraway Rye Bread

December 15th, 2012

caraway rye bread

I’ve been wanting to make rye bread for a while, so when I found really good, fresh rye flour from Gee Creek Farm at Portland Farmers Market, I had to bake a bread!  Gee Creek produces a variety of grains, flours, fruits, & vegetables, and are an eco-friendly, community supported farm. I have used their flour in many different baked goods now, and would love to visit them some time.

I liked this simple Rye Bread recipe from Martha Stewart and best of all, it has a step by step video for rare bread bakers like me. I made it both ways, in the loaf pan and free form. For the lousy oven we have, the free form worked much better.

I’ve made a few different breads in this year, and it made me realize how making bread from scratch helps you slow down, it’s a real practice in patience. I have a bread machine that I never use, and now probably never will use, because if I am going to make a bread at home, then I am going to do it with my own two hands!

I make rotis, tortillas, and  flatbreads regularly, but I still have a long way to go before I can become a regular yeast bread baker, and this is a good start! There is nothing more satisfying than a fresh, warm piece of bread with butter on it, that you worked hard to make.

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