Baked Oats for Breakfast

January 26th, 2013


Baked Blueberry Oatmeal

If I eat oatmeal, I always cook old fashioned oats on the stove with spices, dried fruit and nuts, but I liked this slow-baked version even better. It is less like a porridge and more like a dessert, and I can handle that! I made this recipe from Sprouted Kitchen with blueberries I had frozen from summer.

You can bake a few herbed eggs while the oats are cooking, and with that you have a fresh breakfast and little to clean up. This is so delicious and along the lines of what I cook, that I am shocked I didn’t think of it before!

I am not much of a breakfast eater, but I know I should be and I am trying to be again. I’ll be baking my oatmeal more often with fruits now, so I enjoy more breakfasts!

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A Baked Breakfast

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