Carkeek Park Hike

I had previously shared a charming part of Carkeek Park in my post on Piper’s Apple Orchard, and this post has pictures from the rest of the hike through the park, ending at the beach.

Normally people drive straight to the beach, the most popular part of this city park. There is no direct bus access to it, but if you are willing to walk then it makes for a great city hike. Like a lot of good Northwest hikes you are rewarded with a view of the mountains at the end of the hike, the Olympics in this case and with a beach bonus! It’s a small beach but is especially scenic during fall when the trees are changing color and the trains go by it. We’ve been on those trains and it looks equally beautiful from inside.

We started at the Piper’s Creek trail. It was a good few miles we walked, and it felt like we went to hike in the forest for an afternoon. We had a picnic lunch along the way, explored a  bit of the 200-some acres of forest land, and had a few relaxing moments at the beach before hiking back to the bus stop. When you’re stuck in Seattle, this is just one of many wonderful city hikes!

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topsy turvy evergreen
looking through nature's window in carkeek park
looking for seaweed carkeek park
amtrak thru carkeek park
geese in carkeek park
daisies on the beach
relaxing on carkeek park beach
balance wood carkeek park
edge of the sound carkeek park
2 on the beack carkeek park
the olympic mountains from carkeek park