Tropical Mint Slush

Tropical Mint Slush in summer

Tropical Mint Slushies on the back porch

Since we’ve had a nice, warm Seattle summer so far, it’s been fun to experiment with iced drinks. I had some guava nectar and pineapple juice lying around, which were hard to drink in their very pure form. Instead, I came up with a fun tropical slush.

I am pretty sure many variations on this would taste great. Try it out! and if you want to skip the alcohol, experiment with fresh summer herbs. These measurements are an approximation, and will vary based on the juice you have and its sweetness. My guava nectar was really sweet and did not need anything extra, but sweeten yours if it needs it.

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Guava Pineapple Mint Slush

Guava Pineapple Mint Slush

I used:
9 oz guava nectar
9 oz pineapple juice
1 shot peppermint schnapps (try muddled fresh mint or a peppermint extract for a non-alcoholic version)
24 oz of seltzer water, or any plain soda

My method:
1. Mix equal parts good quality guava nectar and pineapple juice, and freeze in a small muffin tray. I got 6 frozen juice pucks out of 18 0z of juice blend.
2. Once completely frozen, remove the juice pucks and blend them in a blender, or put them in a plastic bag & smash them up evenly.
3. Add 1 shot of peppermint schnapps and the blended ice in a pitcher. Pour seltzer or soda over it, stir quickly with a spoon, and serve!

To prevent it from melting in warmer weather, throw a couple of ice cubes in your glass or stick the pitcher in the freezer again for a few minutes, then stir and serve.