Ballard Farmers Market

Years ago, we moved to Ballard (a neighborhood in Seattle) solely based on knowing there was a year round Farmers’ Market, knowing nothing else about the neighborhood. We thoroughly enjoyed going to the market on Sundays and schlepping our share of produce home, a good 45-minute walk away. I remember a friend walking with me once and being really shocked at how much we walked with our produce. There was a real satisfaction to it.

One of my favorite memories of the Ballard Farmers’ Market is from a year when it snowed around Thanksgiving, and the roads were actually icy in Seattle. (A rarity. They used to not salt the roads back then, and we lost a mayor over that!) Brian and I decided to walk to the market in the snow, and everyone, including us was slipping and sliding. Some people even had their skis out. There were barely any people shopping at the market, but the farmers and producers were there, with big smiles and everything else they had to offer that day. Some of them were so happy to see a few regulars that they were giving produce away. It was one of those moments when you appreciate the access, and privilege, you have to so much great food. A little bit of effort, sliding and slipping in snow was worth it!

Now that we no longer live in Ballard and haven’t been to its market in ages… Below are some scenes from my archives of Ballard Farmers’ Market over the years, around the time it transitions from summer to fall, like right about now.

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