Obama’s Chili Gone Vegan

president barack obama's chili with a vegan soul with spice & herbs for it + yes we can cd

spice & herbs & yes we can cd + president barack obama’s chili with a vegan soul

When Barack Obama was running for president, he sometimes mentioned his signature chili in interviews. He said he had been making it since his college days.

That struck a chord with me, because I ate a lot of beans in college and even on the same Morningside Heights campus at Columbia. Obama revealed most but not all of the ingredients in his recipe, and I filed it away as something to make a vegetarian version of, one day!

When Obama won, I made a pie in his honor, and I can’t believe it took me 8 years to make this chili. Now that I finally did, I have to say it might be in a class of its own. I made a completely vegan version with sweet potatoes, and some substitutions to bring out smokey flavors, for a nutritious, plant-based chili that even a meat eater will love. When I have time I use pressure-cooked dried beans, that were soaked overnight, and that takes this soup up a notch.

As I look forward to becoming an American citizen this year, and to voting in my first presidential election, it’s also Obama’s last year in office. Here’s to a president who has done a lot more than he gets credit for: President Barack Obama’s Chili with a vegan soul on kcts9.org