Apple Chia Muffins

Apple Chia Muffins
Freshly Baked Apple Almond Muffins
Tea & Apple Almond Chia Muffins

I was so excited to develop this recipe for my local PBS station, promoting one of my all-time favorite baking inspirations, Martha Stewart. My recipe and blog post are to get you excited for a brand new season of Martha Bakes on PBS, which showcases popular baking recipes by region. I hope I made Martha proud with my recipe for: Apple Muffins with Chia Seeds & Almonds.

This autumn version of my Chia Muffins is made with delicious Washington Fuji Apples. The muffins are really good with tea or coffee as they have a nice firm texture.

The recipe also works well in summer, with peaches or other stone fruits. I worked for quite a while to get this recipe just-right, and I am still perfecting a vegan version.

Did I mention that I am thrilled, filled with a bit of pride in my fellow Barnard alumna, Martha, + the fact that we are going to have a female president, + my first vote as a new citizen and all that 🙂 Enjoy the recipe!