Mango Power Hands

leftover yarn tray
crochet mango power hands

We had so many leftover, assorted yarn balls from knit and crochet items my mom had made. They would never end up being one project, as the colors and thickness varied widely.

I decided to combine them in a way that would let me make as many hand warmers as possible, with an optimum combination of yarn thickness and colors. I color blocked them using simple crochet and upcycled all the yarn that may have gone unused. My “Mango Power Hands” are not perfect, but they do serve the purpose and made nice, handmade gifts. And it is deeply satisfying when you can take a pile of what looks like waste (in beautiful colors) and make something new out of it. Here are 10 of them!

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mangopowerhands 1
mangopowerhands 2
mangopowerhands 3
mangopowerhands 4
mangopowerhands 5
mangopowerhands 6
mangopowerhands 7
mangopowerhands 8
mangopowerhands 9
mangopowerhands 10