mohini in honolulu

I am an independent photographer, who likes sharing stories of the local culture & food wherever I go ~ whether it is photographing people in their true environment, or documenting a recipe, market to table!

As a lifelong vegetarian who loves to cook every single day, I like to know what goes on my plate and where it comes from. My working single mother cooked meals from scratch every day, it instilled an appreciation and importance of good home-cooking for rest of my life. I always wished she had time to to document her recipes, that is what inspired me to develop recipes & got me blogging. It has also taught me to care more deeply about nature and the environment we live in.

In my past life, I ate numbers for breakfast. I am an experienced number cruncher with background in non-profit microfinance, public, and corporate finance. My dream is to photograph global development issues surrounding Food, Environment, and Social Justice. Someday, I’d love to return to India (where I grew up) and go to Africa (where my mother grew up) to tell some of their stories. I currently live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but always will be a New Yorker at heart.

My work has appeared in various national & international publications.

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